McDonald's FREE Wi-Fi

Where can I use “McDonald's FREE Wi-Fi”?
“McDonald's FREE Wi-Fi” is available in selected McDonald's restaurants.
Look for these Flags or Table stickers in the store.
Is this a paid service?
No, This service is free.
What devices can use “McDonald's FREE Wi-Fi”?
Most IEEE802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN-devices(Laptops,SmartPhones,iPhones,etc.)
should be able to connect to “McDonald's FREE Wi-Fi”.


  • Free Wi-Fi may not be available for all seats due to signal conditions.
  • Communication speed sometimes falls during peak congestion periods and varied communication environment.
  • After you select "00_MCD-FREE-WIFI," on SSID (a list of Wi-Fi access points), a security warning may be shown, but there is no problem so please tap "Continue" and use the service.
  • Questions on our Wi-Fi service, products, or restaurants? Call us at 0120-010-916 (Available between 9:00am and 5:00pm).