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Product Information

This website provides allergen and nutrition information.
This listing is updated regularly. Please refer to the updated date.
Some limited time items, including beverages and McCafé items, are excluded from the listing.

Allergen Information

McDonald's Japan’s allergen information is based on the results of thorough examinations of all ingredients and is listed regardless of the amount of allergens contained. Information is regularly updated to provide the latest information on raw material specifications and cross-contamination during manufacturing and cooking processes. Please be sure to confirm allergen information each time. Sensitivity towards allergens differs greatly among individuals and depending on one’s physical condition at that time. When purchasing and consuming, please confirm allergen information and make decisions at your own discretion. (It is recommended that specialists be consulted regarding the allergen information.) The allergens shown are the 7 specified ingredients that require labeling under the Food Labeling Act in Japan and the 20 ingredients that are recommended to be labeled(As of September 2016).

What the marks mean

Used as ingredients (excluding frying oil).
Used as ingredients for frying oil
Shared/comes in contact with ingredients at the factory production line or during cooking at the restaurant.
×Not used as ingredients.

7 specified ingredients that require labeling by law

EggMilk / Dairy productWheatShrimpCrabBuckwheatPeanut

20 specified ingredients that are recommended to be labeled

AbaloneSquidSalmon roeOrangeCashewKiwifruit
ChickenBananaPorkMatsutake mushroomPeachYam

Display Method for Nutritional Information

McDonald's Japan's nutritional information is based on standard product specifications and numerical values of nutritional analysis based on food labeling standards (Food Labeling Act). Information on some ingredients are also based on citations from the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). In cases that the amount is minimal it is shown as “0” and in cases that analysis has not been conducted it is shown as “-”.