English menu is available for your convenience
McDonald's menu and allergen/nutrition information is available in English for the convenience of our customers, except for the information listed below, which is currently available only in Japanese in McDonald’s Japan website.
  • Information and notes on products and availability
  • Details of products containing allergens
  • Details of product nutrition information
  • Country of origin

*McDonald’s Japan’s allergen information only covers 8 ingredients which must be indicated on the label and 20 which are recommended by Japanese Food Labeling Standard (Food Labeling Act) as of September 2023.

You can also place an order in English on our official app. Several restaurants also have English menus on hand, so please ask our crew if you are looking for an English menu.
Sausage McMuffin Combi

Sausage McMuffin Combi

  • * Prices may differ at selected restaurants and for delivery.
Combi ¥ 240~
  • 1. Burger
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  • 2. Choose a favorite drink